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    Cool t-shirts that remind us of the spirit of our founding fathers...

    When my sister gave me this T-shirt she got from Jakarta, I was captivated. With the illustration of the late Mahatma Gandhi printed in great detail on the front, this white top is unlike any other. My sister then showed me what she got for herself – a white shirt printed with an illustration of the late Muhammad Hatta, Indonesia’s first vice president.

    To find shirts with drawings of our heroes in this modern fashion industry is pretty rare I have to say, and that’s why I think Bloodless Coup is a brand to be reckoned with. I couldn’t resist my curiosity to know more about the brand – and of course, to find out what other heroes they have printed on their collections. I immediately contacted them via email and got to talk to the owners, and eventually found out about their true visions.

    All the prints are inspired by real photos, then designed by hand by owner/illustrator Syailendra Anggara with a little help from his wife, Oktariana. However, before that process began, Bloodless Coup did thorough research on each of the figures to make sure they understood the history of the hero. Bloodless Coup also aims to invite the young generations to reminisce about the spirit of those who were before us, and to never forget about our founding fathers that made Indonesia – or the world for that matter – as we know it today.

    Through their collections, Bloodless Coup hopes their customers become interested in finding out more about these heroes. “When they see someone wearing a shirt with the drawing of Sutan Syahrir (Indonesia’s Prime Minister from 1945 to 1947), for instance, they will start asking questions about him, and eventually get to know him better,” Anggara explains. “This is a simple way for our customers to learn a little bit more about history.”

    Bloodless Coup now has various heroes printed on their T-shirts, ranging from Indonesian leaders like Pangeran Diponegoro, Adam Malik, and Bung Karno with Agus Salim, to world-class figures like Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi. All the T-shirts are made of Gildan Soft Style, which is really comfortable for daily wear, and are available at Rp. 140,000.

    Interested? You can contact them via email at syailendra_anggara@ and WhatsApp at 0811 807 411, or like their fan page on Facebook.

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