• Ghendis Dover

    Born to a British father and a Javanese mother in Timika, West Papua, Ghendis never really stays in one place for a long time. In 30 years of her life, she has lived in 13 different cities in 6 different countries spreading all continents. Now she has found home in Bali, and looking forward to explore her mother’s homeland.

    Anaïs Amans

    is a French journalist and fashion designer. She is a travel lover, always ready for adventure. She never leaves her notebook to share with us experiences and memories. Follow her on Instagram : @ana_amans

    Nineth Rachma

    is a certified personal trainer with over nine years of experience in the fitness industry. She currently runs her Personal Training and Wellness Retreat in Bali between her everyday life as a mother of two young boys.

    Oka Dwi Prihatmoko

    is a member of the Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA). He has worked with several NGO to monitor wild birds as well as at a clinic for exotic animals and Bali Safari and Marine Park. He has also served as the Editor-in-Chief of Biodiversitas Indonesia and has written articles related to wildlife, travel, and adventure.

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