• Ricky Virgana

    While not on tour with his band White Shoes and the Couples Company or playing cello with the Weltevreden Trio, Ricky spends his time exploring the archipelago to find remarkable dive spots and writing about his experiences in several media including CNN Indonesia online.

    Aimery Joëssel

    was born in Cannes, south of France in 1958. He has always been deeply attracted by Southeast Asia. His has become a regular visitor to Indonesia since his first visit in 1988 until he finally decided to reside in the country. He fell in love with Java, Kalimantan and Bali. (www.aimeryjoesselphotography.wordpress.com)

    Donny Syofyan

    is a lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities at Andalas University. Despite majoring in English literature, his interests are wide and varied. His articles have been published at various English newspapers and magazines at home and abroad,

    Gino Andrias

    is a Bali-based writer and photographer, coffee junkie, food addict and lover of the outdoors. He’ll write and shoot almost anything, from live concerts to water sports and everything in between.

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