• Irene Barlian

    is a Indonesian photographer who focuses on documentary and travel photography. She has received several award for her work including top 24 creators in Miami Art Basel by See.Me. Her work has appeared in publication such as DestinAsian, Kompas, Travel Expose, Flint, Only Harrisburg, and Aplaus. She lives in Jakarta but continues to travel. www.irenebarlian.net

    Agung Parameswara

    is a photographer based in Bali who freelances for Getty Images News. His work has been published by The Jakarta Post, The Daily Telegraph, Reuters, AP, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

    Ariko Ahmad

    is a city boy now living in laid-back Bali. His love for music, travel, pop culture and all things beautiful are what led him to the wonderful world of writing. 

    Fadil Aziz

    is a travel photographer whose main passion is capturing the archipelago’s beauty. In this edition he takes us to Ujung Kulon, West Java. www.alcibbum-photography.com

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