Secluded Sanctuary


    Secluded Sanctuary

    Photo Credit : Secluded Sanctuary
    Secluded Sanctuary
    Photo Credit : Secluded Sanctuary

    It’s time for you and your loved one to be pampered at the villa retreats spa in The InterContinental Bali Resort...

    Tucked away in the northern part of the InterContinental Bali Resort is the Villa Retreats Spa, the perfect place for a wonderful lazy afternoon with the one you love. The resort actually has two spas; the Spa Uluwatu is located inside the main building, while the Villa Retreats Spa is designated only for couples and wet treatments.

    The Villa Retreats Spa is a compound of three villas with two and three rooms, and each room accommodates two persons. This sanctuary is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is ready to pamper you in absolute privacy. All three villas share a reception area overlooking a water feature and a bale, but only one of them has an elevated wooden bale, boasting an unobstructed view of Jimbaran Bay and of course a sunset view that adds a lively ambiance to the resort. Need I say more about how romantic it is to have a spa ritual here?

    Toxin Free
    The Villa Retreats Spa offers a wide arrange of rituals, but the most popular is the Detoxification. The name says it all – the Detoxification is a 150-minute treatment that will cleanse your body from toxins. The actual treatment commences with a dry brush to stimulate your immune system, but before it all begins you will have a relaxing footbath to help put you in a peaceful state of mind.

    Then, using a loofah, the therapist starts gently brushing your whole body to stimulate your blood and lymphatic flow. The lymph system conducts the drainage of metabolic wastes inside of our bodies, and if not properly removed, all this waste soon becomes toxins. That’s why this treatment is especially recommended for those who are not really sporty, as it will help you get rid of the toxins that are usually released by sweating during and after exercise – and as for those who are already active, this treatment will ensure you are properly and fully cleansed.

    A deep tissue massage then follows. Using a specially blended cream of eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, and ginger, the therapist will dig deeply into your muscle tissues. If you think a deep tissue massage will be painful, you have nothing to worry about, as that is not the case with this Detoxification treatment. With a pressure technique that is quite soft, this treatment is so completely relaxing that you can almost feel the knots of your muscles untie.

    Glowing Skin
    Next is a sea salt scrub that will be applied in circular motion after the massage for a complete toxin-free body. Sea salt is commonly used in the beauty industry for its many benefits, as it is rich with minerals. But this sea salt scrub is even more special as it is incorporated with peppermint and rosemary oil.

    The scrub gently removes layers of dead skin and helps to improve blood circulation, as well as creates glowing skin as the sea salt removes bacteria very effectively. Sea salt also has an antiseptic quality, so when applied to your skin it will overcome many of your skin problems such as itching, pain and infl ammation due to bacteria.

    After the scrub you will need to take a shower to remove the excess sea salt from your skin. But your spa journey doesn’t stop there, as moisturizer will be applied to end your ritual. Moisturizer is really important to help hydrate your skin.

    Now that your treatment is done, you can continue to unwind with a cup of spiced tea. This spiced tea is made of ginger, clove, lemongrass, cinnamon, and star anise, giving off a soothing aroma, and of course will keep your body warm from the inside – such a splendid way to end the massage. This Detoxification ritual surely invigorates your mind and body, and it is an absolute relaxing experience that will make you and your loved one feel all refreshed and new, especially if you take a nap afterwards.
    Villa Retreats, InterContinental Bali Resort
    Jalan Uluwatu No. 45, Jimbaran
    (0361) 701-888

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