6 Things for a Fun Family Road Trip


    6 Things for a Fun Family Road Trip

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    6 Things for a Fun Family Road Trip
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    Taking a road trip with a baby or kids can be a real challenge for parents. But, don’t worry because it is not that scary. In fact, it is really fun so long you have everything prepared. That’s why, perfect preparation is crucial.

    Now, I would like to share my own experience, when husband and I took our one year-old baby to ride with us, passing around 1,200 kilometers of road with a car from Jakarta to Bali. It was a three-day fun trip, surpassing beautiful views of the southern route of Java to the island of the Gods.

    1. Don’t worry too much
    If you are nervous, you will make your baby nervous too, because believe it or not, babies can feel their parents’ emotions. And if your kids are nervous, most probably they will be easily get so fussy along the trip. I believe we don’t want that to happen. So, just take it easy and focus on the fun!

    2. Stay calm and prepare efficiently
    Make a list but try not to make a long list. A long list will makes you overthink everything. Also, avoid stuffing your luggage with unnecessary items. In my case, I pack only the most important things and the stuff that I use every day.

    3. Check the car
    You don’t want to stop in the middle of a long road because the car suddenly broke down. Experience the unfortunate incidents like this can be twice harder with a baby or kids. So, do check every part of your car before the trip commenced.

    4. Healthy snacks and mineral water
    Always have your baby’s favorite snacks with you because you never know what will happen during the trip. There could be areas where minimarkets and restaurants are hard to find. Mineral water is also important to keep everyone hydrated along the road.

    5. Personal medication
    Put all of your personal medication in a bag and store it some place near you in the car, like in your leg space. Riding car in a long duration can easily cause nausea, flatulence, stomachache and sometimes headache, so the medicine needs to be within you reach.

    I would also suggest to prepare essential oils which you can rub on baby’s back, stomach, neck and along the spine to soothe the little one every time, especially after making a stop. Peppermint essential oils is effective to eliminate nausea and to maintain the body’s temperature. Please also be mindful with temperature changes between being in the car with the AC on and the hot temperature outside.

    6. Have enough rest and enjoy the trip
    Don’t rush things because road trips are meant to be enjoyed. Every time you need a rest, just pull over either at a gas station, a rest area or even a food joint. Park the car and take some time to relax before continuing the trip.

    I would also strongly suggest finding a hotel to stay before the sun goes down. Remember, we could not let our babies or kids to be too tired from traveling all day. You can hit the road again the next morning with fresh energy. This is also the main key to make everyone stay healthy and happy during the trip.

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