• Reza Fitriyanto

    is a Yogyakarta-based travel and photography enthusiast. Log on to www.rezafitriyanto.com to see more of his work.

    Freandy David

    started his photography career by working at an NGO in Yogyakarta. With the background of psychology and cultural studies, he wrote several articles about the socio-cultural life of various societies in Indonesia. Now living in Bali and works as a commercial photographer for several companies in Indonesia.?

    Keyza Widiatmika

    has been loving photography and journalism since he was in high school.He works as a freelance photographer and a Secretary of Bali Photographers Society for 2016-2019 period. www.keyzawidiatmika.

    Ghendis Dover

    Born to a British father and a Javanese mother in Timika, West Papua, Ghendis never really stays in one place for a long time. In 30 years of her life, she has lived in 13 different cities in 6 different countries spreading all continents. Now she has found home in Bali, and looking forward to explore her mother’s homeland.

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