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    Agung Parameswara

    Agung Parameswara
    Agung Parameswara

    is a photographer based in Bali who freelances for Getty Images News. His work has been published by The Jakarta Post, The Daily Telegraph, Reuters, AP, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others.
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    Theatrical Island


    Important Balinese rituals before and after Nyepi... As the last fortress of Hinduism in Indonesia, the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population, the Balinese on the Island of the…

      Magazine issue > Craft&Culture

    Beautiful Soul


    Meet the Balinese girl who is devoted to rescue Bali’s stray dogs... It was one cloudy day when I saw Agung Dewi playing with some of her dogs after she…

      Magazine issue > Little Loves

    Sincerely Bali


    How the Balinese stay true to their roots to worship their Gods and pay tribute to their ancestors... As the center of tourism in Indonesia, Bali has experienced so many…

      Magazine issue > Craft&Culture

    Goodbye, Childhood!


    Our contributor Agung Parameswara witnessed a Balinese ceremony where children say goodbye to their childhood as they become young adults... It was 3 a.m. when Brahmantya Murti and his siblings…

      Magazine issue > Craft&Culture
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