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    Irene Barlian

    Irene Barlian
    Irene Barlian

    is a Indonesian photographer who focuses on documentary and travel photography. She has received several award for her work including top 24 creators in Miami Art Basel by See.Me. Her work has appeared in publication such as DestinAsian, Kompas, Travel Expose, Flint, Only Harrisburg, and Aplaus. She lives in Jakarta but continues to travel. www.irenebarlian.net
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    Magical Moyo


    A serene place where people discover the secret of living in perfect harmony, children can run free and the earth provides everything you need... Welcome to Moyo Island, a sanctuary…

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    A City Tour


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    The Evolution Of Kecak


    Our contributor Irene Barlian watched a magical performance of the Kecak Dance at the Uluwatu Temple... There is no other place in Indonesia that embodies Hindu spirituality more than Bali,…

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