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    Gino Andrias

    Gino Andrias
    Gino Andrias

    is a Bali-based writer and photographer, coffee junkie, food addict and lover of the outdoors. He’ll write and shoot almost anything, from live concerts to water sports and everything in between.
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    Hello, Little Fellows!


    Our contributor Gino Andrias pays a visit to Kuta Beach Sea Turtle conservation... Bali, the tropical island that sits slightly under the equator, is a land blessed with year-long summers…

      Magazine issue > Lifestyle&Leisure

    From the Mountain to the Sea


    Nyegara Gunung is the Balinese term for the ocean and the mountain, the two parts of the world that are different yet support each other completely. In Bali, everything is…

      Magazine issue > Fotofolio

    The Coffee Hunter


    Our contributor Gino Andrias went coffee-hopping in Bandung... Led by Mayor Ridwan Kamil, Bandung (the capital city of West Java) is very well manicured with thought-out landscapes and infrastructures. The…

      Magazine issue > Beyond Bali

    A Rebellious Entrepreneur


    Music, social activities and tourism in Bali. Jerink share this ideas with us all... Ary Astina, who is more popularly known as Jerinx or JRX (J) from the Indonesian punk…

      Magazine issue > Profile&Potrait
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