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    Nineth Rachma

    Nineth Rachma
    Nineth Rachma

    is a certified personal trainer with over nine years of experience in the fitness industry. She currently runs her Personal Training and Wellness Retreat in Bali between her everyday life as a mother of two young boys.
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    Exercise In Paradise


    Hop on the Phinisi boat and find a hidden paradise to surf or do training sessions with no one else around except you and your friends... For decades, Bali beaches…

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    Journey of Ecstatic Dance


    A non-judgmental space of free expression... Samadi Bali, a hub for alternative healthy and healing activities with a beautiful and natural tropical setting in Canggu, offers various yoga classes, yoga…

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    Get A Move On!


    Let’s encourage ourselves and the younger generation to play more and grow with resilience and confidence to overcome unpredictable challenges in our daily lives. Superhuman fitness helps us build strong…

      Magazine issue > Action&Attraction

    Paradise Hopping


    Our contributor Nineth Rachma discovers enchanting destinations that every couple should experience... Bali has always been one of the most popular romantic destinations for couples from all over the world,…

      Magazine issue > Little Loves
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