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    Reza Fitriyanto

    Reza Fitriyanto
    Reza Fitriyanto

    is a Yogyakarta-based travel and photography enthusiast. Log on to www.rezafitriyanto.com to see more of his work.
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    Tracing Majapahit Kingdom


    Let’s go back to the golden days of Majapahit Kingdom by visiting these cultural sites in Trowulan in East Java... Hundreds of years ago, Indonesia was a superpower land named…

      Magazine issue > Beyond Bali

    A Sacred Pledge


    Witnessing Yadnya Kasada, a centuries-old tradition of the Tengger Tribe in Mount Bromo, East Java... On the 14th day of the month of Kasada (a Tengger Tribe’s calendar) during Full…

      Magazine issue > Craft&Culture